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Takenohama Bathing Beach

Takenohama Bathing Beach
This beach has been selected as one of Japan's 100 Best Beaches. The clear waters attract over 300,000 people every year. …

Kirihama Bathing Beach

Kirihama Bathing Beach
The crystal clear ocean beach between Yodo-no-domon (cave tunnel) and Hasakari-iwa (rock between rocks).We recommend canoeing through the cave tunnel to bring you up close. …

Ikuno Ginzan

Ikuno Ginzan
Here is one of Japan's best-known mines with a history of 1200 years. It was said that Silver had been mined in such abundances that it seemed the earth was made of silver. …

Tajima Highlands Botanical Gardens

Tajima Highlands Botanical Gardens
The large estate of 17 hectares is located 650 meters above sea level. The gardens now contain more than 2,000 natural plant species. …

Tendaki Falls

Tendaki Falls
"Ten" means the heaven in Japanese. The waterfall was named because of its great height, which seemed to reach the heavens. …

Saruodaki Water Falls

Saruodaki Water Falls
"Saruo-daki" consists of an upper and lower waterfall. The name is said to have been derived from the lower waterfall's monkey tail like shape. …
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