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Ryokan Sensui

Featuring 3 free private open-air baths in our traditional Japanese inn.


We cordially serve you dishes of brand Tajima beef and fresh seafood including crabs caught nearby port that is cooked with seasonal and local ingredients.

Dinner and breakfast included

「Autumn Kaiseki course with seasonal ingredients(〜2018年11月02日まで)」プラン詳細を見る

We cordially serve you dishes of Tajima beef shabu-shabu and fresh seafood caught nearby port.

Dinner and breakfast included

「Autumn Kaiseki course with Tajima beef shabu-shabu(〜2018年11月02日まで)」プラン詳細を見る

Special price only for weekday stay with autumn kaiseki course. Enjoy our cuisine made by both mountain and sea gifts.

Dinner and breakfast included

「Special autumn Kaiseki plan only for weekday stay(〜2018年11月02日まで)」プラン詳細を見る

As Kinosaki is located along the Sea of Japan, its seafood is famous especially crab. You can enjoy crab in sashimi, boiled, grilled, hot pot and also tempra. It features 2.5 crabs per person. Recommended for crab lovers!

Dinner and breakfast included

「Winter Kaiseki Course with Crab Hot Pot and Sashimi(〜2019年03月31日まで)」プラン詳細を見る

plan features a brand tagged Matsuba crab (known as snow crab) which is caught at Tsuiyama port, near Kinosaki Onsen. The brand tag guarantees its high quality and conditions. Only carefully selected crabs are able to have it.

Dinner and breakfast included

「Most popular! Locally Caught Brand Crab with Guaranteed Tag(〜2019年03月31日まで)」プラン詳細を見る

One of the most affordable weekday plans with delicious crab meal. Winter Kaiseki course with crab hot pot including 1.5 crabs per person. This is a plan to satisfy your hunger.

Dinner and breakfast included

「Weekday Special. Winter Kaiseki Course with Crab Hot Pot(〜2019年03月31日まで)」プラン詳細を見る

Seasonal Kaiseki dinner featuring plenty of local ingredients and our original dishes that are fully satisfied you. Thoroughly enjoy Kinosaki's delicacies.

Dinner and breakfast included

「Seasonal Kaiseki Dinner Plan (includes free pass to the seven public Onsen)【夏】(〜2018年08月31日まで)」プラン詳細を見る

This plan is recommended for those who love Tajima beef. Please enjoy the taste of the beef cattle which is the breed of cattle all over the country. Shabu-shabu is one of the best ways to cook Tajima beef. You can enjoy real taste and texture.

Dinner and breakfast included

「Plan Featuring Brand Tajima Beef Shabu-shabu (includes free pass to the seven public Onsen)(〜2018年08月31日まで)」プラン詳細を見る

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