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Ryokan Sensui

Featuring 3 free private open-air baths in our traditional Japanese inn.


Kaiseki Dinner Plan Featuring Brand Tajima Beef Shabu-shabu (includes free pass to the seven public Onsen)

Dinner and breakfast included

Check-in 15:00〜
Check-out 〜10:00

Quietly set one block back from the hot spring town's main street, but still conveniently located for relaxing strolls through the town and visits to the open-air public bath houses. Families and groups can enjoy a relaxing stay at our inn with our moderate prices. Guests are also welcome to use one of our 3 private baths for free at any time you like when it is vacant.

Sensui is the inn for only adults (over 12 years old) to provide more composed and unhurried moments. You can have dinner and drink at your pace in the quiet space enjoying conversation with your loved ones like couple, partner, families and friends. 

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This plan is recommended for those who want to enjoy Tajima beef shabu-shabu. Please enjoy the taste of the beef cattle which is the breed of brands of cattle all over the country. We serve Sensui's original dishes including Shabu-shabu of Tajima beef that tastes of real meat and texture, Tajima beef soup, homemade roast beef etc. of Tajima beef etc. > Tajima beef has been used for cross breeding, so many excellent Wagyu brands such as "Kobe beef", "Matsusaka beef", "Omi beef" and “Hida beef” have inherited their genes. In order to maintain completely pure bloodlines, Tajima-Gyu is raised to strict standards avoiding from other breeds of Wagyu cattle. It has an unparalleled level of marbling. You can enjoy the real taste of itself. > Contents and ingredients of the menu are currently under consideration. It includes 11 to 12 dishes. ** The content may be different from photograph. ** Meals will be served at dining room. > * Free pass to seven public bath houses. * Free indoor bath for private use. There are three baths "Ceramics bath tub" "Wooden bath tub" "Stone bath tub". They are available as many times as you want. (Open 15: 00 ~ 23: 00, 6: 30 ~ 9: 30) -We are sorry that children 12 years old and under can not be accepted to stay with us. -An extra charge of JPY 340, for hot spring taxes (JPY150) and bath admissions (JPY200), will be added separately.

Additional fee notice
Children under the age of 2 who do not require anything can stay free of charge. Children 2~5 years old who do not require anything will still be charged with facility fees.
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Service fees and consumption taxes are included in the pricing.
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(No show(100%), from the afternoon the day of(100%), from the morning the day of(70%), 1 day before(50%), 2~3days before(20%))

Individuals wishing to cancel their own portion of the reservation (not the whole reservation) the day of will incur a 50% cancellation fee.

Please notify us of any cancellations as soon as possible.

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Cancellations are taken 00:00am 2 days

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