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Sennen no Yu Gonzaemon

A chic hot spring inn resembling a classic mansion. The entrance is set back from the hustle and bustle of the main street, making it surprisingly quiet.


* Machiya dining: We serve meals at Machiya dining which was opened in April, 2012. * Yukata by Yumeji Takehisa: Yukata which was worn during the late Taisho period and the beginning Showa period is attracted as "an antique kimono". Please choose one you like and wear it to go out to take 7 baths outside. (Colorful yukata is only for female.) ** Plan details -Dinner: Please enjoy the original meal only in this season and area. *The menu is changed every month. -Breakfast: We serve breakfast which is full of foods here in Tajima. Tofu, eggdish, Konjac sashimi, Grilled fish, Japanese traditional dishes, salad, miso soup, rice and Japanese pickles. (We might change some dishes) This ryokan is in front of Yanagi-yu and you can go Ichino-yu and Jizou-yu about 5 minutes by walk. You can take baths outside(there are 7 baths) as many times as you want after check-in (bath tax JPY 150) Washlet, hair dryer,substantial bath amenities in big baths inside Ryokan. Free parking available.

Dinner and breakfast included

「Colorful yukata by Yumeji Takehisa style & the meal of the month(April~October)<Meals Served in Machiya Dining Hall>(〜2018年11月06日まで)」プラン詳細を見る

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