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Women visiting Kinosaki show favor to our private bath, spa, bedrock bath, and germanium bath.


Tenbouen is a quaint little inn serving brand name cuisine, like Tajima beef (the beef where Kobe beef originates from) and Tsuiyama crab. We have been mentioned in several travel and specialty magazines for our highly popular baths. Many guests stay with us to enjoy our private open-air bath 'Tensui'(Heaven Water), the private bedrock bath, or our bath with germanium minerals. We offer an abundance of special features popular among our female guests, including aroma spas.

Stay in Kinosaki here at Tenbouen with our couple's plan, ladies' plan, or individual plan. These are among a few of our diverse plans to choose from.

Small room (Meals served in dining Wagokoro)

Max capacity:1~2persons

Japanese style room without restroom and washroom.
Dinner will be served in the dining "Wagokoro"

For guests that prefer to relax in a smaller cozy room, rather than a large open spaced room. How about also treating yourself to a traditional Japanese cuisine or even a simple spa treatment while here?

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