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Centrally located in the hot spring town, perfect for touring the public hot springs. Great place to taste the locally brewed beer.


Room in the main building that overlooks the Otani River. Enjoy the view of the weeping willows and people in yukatas (cotton kimonos) wondering through Kinosaki below.

Max capacity:2 ~ 4persons

"<Main Building> Japansese-style Room" Details

Special room with a view of the rear garden. Please make yourself at home.

Max capacity:2 ~ 4persons

"Separate room" Details

Large room approx. size is 25m^2. Reserved for groups of 5~7 people.

Max capacity:5 ~ 7persons

"Large room" Details

Business. Japanese style (approx size 10m^2) room comes with a restroom and AC unit.

Max capacity:1 ~ 2persons

"Business" Details

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