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Come and discover the world renowned nature of Tajima. Tajima, situated in the northern part of Hyogo prefecture, is an area overflowing with natural beauty such as mountains, rivers, waterfalls, and the Sea of Japan. Throughout the year you can enjoy various types of activities such as hiking, paragliding, kayaking, and skiing. In every town there are many hot springs (onsen) where you can rejuvenate your body after a day of excitement. Local food using seafood and Tajima beef born from Tajima's unique natural environment; and rice and vegetables cultivated using environmentally friendly farming methods will give you energy to enjoy your next vacation. A truly memorable adventure awaits you here in Tajima.

  • Shinonsen
  • Kami
  • Toyooka
  • Yabu
  • Asago
Tajima includes Toyooka-shi, Yabu-shi, Asago-shi, Kami-cho, and Shinonsen-cho.
It takes approximately 2-3 hours to reach Tajima from Osaka and Kyoto.
Throughout the year there is a stark difference in temperature between day and night in Tajima. Furthermore, each of the four seasons has distinct characteristics.
During spring, a refreshing breeze blows and the budding flowers of the mountain trees are beautiful. One can also enjoy the Japan's famous sakura (cherry blossoms). Hiking and biking is perfect during spring in Tajima.
During summer, the sun beats down strongly; however, one can enjoy swimming in the ocean, camping in the highlands, and the cool summer breeze. At sunset on the refreshingly cool coast one can enjoy watching the fireworks explode above the ocean.
During fall, the stark difference in the temperature between day and night gives birth to a magical mist. The view of Takeda castle, which appears to float above the clouds during fall is one you can't pass up.
During winter, days of snow and rain are frequent. However, thanks to the snow you can enjoy skiing while also being near the coast. On cold winter days you can bathe in a hot spring(onsen) and enjoy the famous matsuba crab.
Tajima's Temperatire and Rainfall
Tajima's Temperatire and Rainfall
Tajima's Temperatire and Rainfall
Tajima Culture
The unique geography and weather of the Tajima, which is surrounded by mountains and the ocean, affords many blessings to the people of the region. The onsen(hot spring) is deeply rooted into the lifestyle of the people of Tajima. For example, at Yumura Onsen in Shinonsen-cho, people use the naturally flowing 98°C spring water to boil vegetables and eggs. The seemingly everlasting flow of spring water can also be tapped into from every home, so the people of the town can create an onsen in their own homes.
Tajima cows, the calves of which eventually become Kobe beef, Matsuzaka beef, and other Japanese, luxury brands of beef, also live in the secluded valleys surrounded by moutains of the region. Furthermore, the unique climate and geography of the region, especially the Sea of Japan and the difference in temperature between day and night give birth to a wide varity of ocean products and richly flavored agricultural products, such as rice and vegetables. Tajima is what one would call a treasure trove of food.
One can also experience the region's long and ancient history by participating in traditions and festivals practiced from hundreds of years ago. One can also peek into the past by viewing ancient relics such as the wall paintings of Daijyoji temple, painted by the famous 18th century artist, Maruyama Ohkyo and his pupils; and the intact remains of the 400 year old stone foundation of Takeda castle, which is exceedingly rare in this day and age.
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