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Groups of Baikamo (Ronun culus oquotilis) in Takimikaw a River

Groups of Baikamo (Ronun culus oquotilis) in Takimikaw a River
Baikamo flowers are small white flowers that bloom only in pristine waters at temperatures below 15°C (60°F). …

Castle Town IZUSHI

Castle Town "IZUSHI"
The castle town "IZUSHI" is often referred to as Little Kyoto. Enjoy exploring the town of historical buildings from the Meiji Era, such as "Eirakukan" (a playhouse) and "Izushi Meijikan." …

Kannabe Highlands

Kannabe Highlands
The highlights are the crater and the waterfalls which were formed by the most recent volcanic activity in the Kinki area. Hattan-no-taki waterfall, Kuroboku vegetable fields, and Jugo-no-wakimizu spring are also nice attractions. …

Tajima Kaigan Glass-Bottom Excursion Boat

Tajima Kaigan Glass-Bottom Excursion Boat
The excursion boat is recommended if you come to experience the San'in National Geopark.You will enjoy dynamic, strange rock and caves. …

Kinosaki Onsen

Kinosaki Onsen
Kinosaki Onsen has a long history of over 1,300 years,and has been a favorite destination of many writers and artists such as Naoya Shiga, a famous novelist in the early 20th century. …

Hyogo park of the oriental
White stork

Hyogo Park of the Oriental White Stork
The oriental white storks, a Japanese Special Natural Monument, are bred and raised in the park after having gone extinct from the region. …
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