A lovely little inn along the willow lined streets. Complete with private hot spring baths, offering crab and Tajima Beef (Kobe beef's origin).


(one night lodging and two meals included)

Tajima beef shabushabu dinner & Japanese style breakfast included

Meals are served in the guest room or the private dining room.
Thank you for understanding that staff will guide you.

You can make a booking of our shared bathroom with hot spring water at the front desk after check-in. Second booking will be acceptable after your first bath.

Hot spring ticket will be provided to guests without additional charge, which is valid for seven public bath in Kinosaki onsen town until check out from the check-in.

Coffee and water server in our lounge is available free of charge until 22:00.

From March to October, ladies can choose and rent colorful yukata at no additional charge.

It'll be about 5 or 6 minutes' walk from JR Kinosaki-onsen station to our hotel. Please go down the shopping street to the north from the front of the station. You'll get to a traffic light,and see our hotel diagonally in front on your right.

Dinner and breakfast included

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Plan with one night lodging and no meals, available only on specific days. Special lodging deal available only on specific days. Checkin: 15:00-18:30 Checkout: By 10:00

Onsen Plan(One night lodging no meals) A standard plan that includes a yukata (cotton kimono) rental and passes to the public bathhouses. The inn will also provide you with a towel, basket for carrying your belongings, and geta(Japanese wooden sandals). Want to enjoy your stay even more? Change into your yukata after you check in for your stay and take a stroll through the hot spring town. Feel free to visit any of the shops or restaurants while wearing your yukata. This wonderful chance to experience Japanese culture first hand will make your trip a fun and memorable one. ※Yukata sizes are based on height.

Also enjoy hot spring in 2 types of our shared bath rooms in the hotel. You can book them after check-in at the front desk.

Coffee and water server in our lounge is also available free of charge until 22:00 and 7:00~10:00.

Lodging with no meals

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