ACCOMMODATIONS Kawaguchiya Kinosaki Riverside Hotel

Our ryokan aims to provide the best service and hospitality to our guests. We are located on the riverside of the Otani river and the Maruyama river. We hope you enjoy your stay with us.


Tajima beef, which is the root of brand beef such as "Matsusaka beef" and "Omi beef".

Please enjoy the “most delicious moment” when the fine marbling melts!

Dinner and breakfast included

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≪A must-see for seafood lovers! ≫

Main dish: "gorgeous sashimi served on a boat platter" to be shared by two people
"Japanese rice pilaf cooked in an iron pot ", where the taste of ingredients and dashi is saturated, etc.
You can enjoy seafood delicacies [Seafood Kaiseki Kaiseki♪]

―― If you want to fully enjoy the bounty of the Sea of Japan, this plan is recommended! ---

Dinner and breakfast included

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