ACCOMMODATIONS Kinosaki Onsen Hanakouji Saigetsu

Emphasis on privacy / Private hot spring baths and private dining room / Adults-only hot spring hotel / About a 3-minute walk from Kinosaki Onsen Station


Emphasis on privacy
Private dining & exclusive hot spring
Adults-only hot spring hotel
About a 3-minute walk from Kinosaki Onsen Station

May the time spent with your loved ones become a happy moment...

We aimed to renovate while preserving the goodness of the building from its establishment, avoiding excessive changes, to create a comfortable space. It's about creating a comfortable environment where you can enjoy the beauty of the olden days. Please continue to enjoy the evolving Hanakouji Saigetsu.

We serve each dish one by one. From the aperitif to dessert, we've infused Hanakouji Saigetsu's thoughts into every detail. Enjoy the premium Tajima beef grilled over Kishu Binchotan charcoal, crab dishes, and locally sourced Koshihikari rice from contracted farmers, served in an clay pot. Please savor the blessings of Tajima, known as a treasure trove of cuisine.

  • About 3 minutes walk from the station. Convenient location on the station street/Private hot spring/Private restaurant/Adult-only hotel

  • Only 9 rooms. We have beds made by Slumberland, a company appointed by the British royal family. Each room has an toilet

  • Not a communal bath but a private hot spring for two people. We'll arrange the time during check-in. The following morning, separate hot springs are available for men and women.

  • Specializing in Hanakouji Saigetsu's specialties, starting from the premium Tajima beef "Tajimaguro" to the aperitif, and all the way to dessert, we emphasize on every detail. Each course will be served one by one.

Ryokan information
Check-in: 15:00 ~
Check-out: ~ 10:00
Address・contact information・facility HP
Address : 669-6101 Hyogo, Toyooka, Kinosaki-cho Yushima 108, Japan

Phone Number:0796-32-0567

Facility HP:http://hanakoujisaigetsu.com/
Room types
Western style rooms ()  Japanese style rooms ()  Western/Japanese style rooms (9)  Total (9)
Room features
Washlet / LCD TV / Air purifier / Safety Deposit Box/ Wi-Fi / Refrigerator / Hairdryer
Meals served in guest room
Breakfast:No  Dinner:No
Private/Reserved dining in hall
Breakfast:Yes  Dinner:Yes
Hot spring
Hot spring:Yes  Family(private) bath:Yes  Open air(outdoor bath):No  Open air(outdoor bath) in guest room:No
Baths explanation
We don't have a large communal bath; instead, we offer a private hot spring for two people. Our baths feature different atmospheres with ancient cypress and granite bathtubs. Please let us know your preferred time slot upon check-in. The following day, we provide separate bathing areas for men and women. *Please note that if you arrive late, there might be instances where you cannot bathe at your requested time. Operating hours are from 15:00 to 23:00 and from 6:00 to 9:00.
Y Small towel Y Body wash
Y Hair dryer Y Bidet
Y Toothbrush,Toothpaste N Soap
N Down comforter N Hair brush,Comb
Y Large towel Y Yukata
Y Shaver Y Shampoo(Shampoo/Conditioner)
N Shower cap Y Conditioner
Other Amenities
All rooms are equipped with beds by Slumberland, a company honored with the Royal Warrant by the British Royal Family. (For 3 or more guests, futon bedding will be provided.)

Facilities: Washlet / LCD TV / Air purifier / Safety Deposit Box / Wi-Fi / Refrigerator / Hairdryer
Amenities: Face towels / Bath towels / Toothbrushes

Private Hot Springs:
There are two types of private hot springs available. We will inquire about your preferred time at check-in. Separate bathing areas are provided for men and women the following morning.
Non-smoking rooms, Guest parking, Body care service, Air purifier, Humidifier
Internet, Postal service
Facility information
In November 2021:
- Private dining area opened
- All rooms equipped with TV VOD services, allowing access to YouTube, AbemaTV, etc. Netflix and Amazon Prime members can log in and watch.
- Complete replacement of air conditioning in all rooms

Other information:
- The private hot springs undergo disinfection and cleaning after each use.
- Once escorted to your room, unless requested otherwise, staff will not enter until check-out.
- Final check-in time is at 17:00. Exceeding this time may result in cancellation, so please be mindful.
- The building is a three-story wooden structure without an elevator. Movement is via stairs. While some assistance is provided for heavy luggage, it's recommended to keep belongings minimal.
- Parking is available for one regular-sized car at 1200 yen from check-in to check-out. Please inform us in advance. Larger vehicles such as minibuses will be directed to a parking area in the hot spring town (additional fees may apply).
- The entire facility is smoking-free. In the event of smoking, a cleaning fee and compensation for the lost sales during the cleaning period will be charged.
- Pre-payment via card: Hot spring tax is 430 yen per person, payable on-site.
Parking available within a 5-minute walk (1200 yen per car; separate fee for larger vehicles such as minibuses).
Credit cards accepts
Visa and MasterCard are accepted (excluding cash special price plans).
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