ACCOMMODATIONS Pensione Kitamura

LOCATION: Kannabe; 28km from Kinosaki Onsen. Accessible by train (Ebara Sta.) and bus.


□┃ Crab Feast ★ Full Menu of Crab Dishes
During spring, there are mountain vegetables; in summer, highland vegetables, and in autumn, mushrooms. And of course, winter is the season for crabs! The Kannabe region is not only ideal for leisure but also for culinary indulgence! In Kitamura, many people enjoy a year's worth of crab consumption.

This plan offers a delightful feast of crab dishes! From crab sashimi to various crab dishes such as grilled, steamed, and hot pot. Revel in the deliciousness of the ingredients and savor the delightful crab cuisine! ♪

Dinner and breakfast included

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☆*\\ Mountain Delights & Sea Treasures ◆ A Highly Popular Menu at Our Hotel //*☆
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Carefully selected seasonal ingredients by an owner who is extremely care about the quality of the ingredients♪
A luxurious course featuring delicious collaborations tailored to the season.
Beginning from the voices of customers who wanted to enjoy both fresh seafood and meat, it has now become a popular choice♪

Dinner and breakfast included

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□■□ Great Value Stay-Only Plan ♪ □■□

Perfect for business travelers and solo adventurers♪
For those who want to fully enjoy sightseeing without worrying about time, we recommend this simple stay-only plan. Ideal for hiking and trekking around Mount Kannabe and recommended for various activities!

◇ Meals are not included in this plan.
◇ Check-in is from 3:00 PM, and check-out is by 10:00 AM.

Lodging with no meals

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