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About Kinosaki

Famous for its 7 tattoo friendly natural hot spring baths, Kinosaki Onsen is a classic Japanese town steeped in 1,300 years of culture and tradition.

7 Public Hot Springs All Tattoo Friendly

Stroll to all 7 tattoo friendly hot springs with ease in this completely walkable town.

Strolling in Yukata

Kinosaki Onsen's claim to fame may be its 7 hot springs, but the ability to stroll through this atmospheric town in a yukata is just as praiseworthy.

Specialty Gourmet

Savor Kinosaki Onsen gourmet with daily catches from the Sea of Japan and melt in your mouth Tajima beef.

Ryokan Stay

A ryokan, a traditional Japanese style inn, is more than just a hotel and a place to sleep. Ryokan are a way to experience pure Japanese tradition, lifestyle, and hospitality.

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