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Kinosaki Onsen

Take a stroll around this nostalgic hot spring town
in a yukata and geta.
Kinosaki Onsen has a long history of over 1,300 years,and has been a favorite destination of many writers and artists such as Naoya Shiga, a famous novelist in the early 20th century. The culture of great hospitality stays strong in the area with sayings such as, "inns like their rooms, streets like the halls." At nighttime, the atmosphere of the town becomes more romantic with the light of the street lamps. Enjoy your stay.
Address 357-1 Yushima, Kinosaki-cho, Toyooka-city, Hyogo
〒669-6101 兵庫県豊岡市城崎町湯島357-1
Nearest station JR:Kinosaki Onsen Station (城崎温泉駅)
Zentan Bus:Kinosaki Onsen Station(城崎温泉駅)
Zentan Bus(Tajimawaru):Kinosaki Onsen Station(城崎温泉駅)
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