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Refresh Park Yumura
リフレッシュパーク ゆむら

This hot spring park is located in the center of nature. Refresh Park Yumura uses natural hot spring water from Yumura Onsen, that is 98°C (208°F) at the source. All the baths are coed as part of the park’s idea to let friends and family enjoy the health benefits of the 7 indoor baths and the seasons in the outdoor baths together. The swimming pool is an added specialty, it is heated year round by the heat from the hot spring. Unlike most other hot springs in Japan, guests must wear a swimsuit when using the outdoor baths.
Address 1371 Yu, Shinonsen-cho, Mikata-gun, Hyogo
〒669-6821 兵庫県美方郡新温泉町湯1371
Nearest station JR:Hamasaka station (浜坂駅)
Zentan Bus: Yumura onsen (湯村温泉)
Opening Hours 10am ~ 8pm (last entrance 7pm)
Holidays: Every Thursday, except national holidays and spring, summer, winter vacation
Admission Fees Adult 1,100yen
Child 550yen (3-5yrs 200yen)
Note: Prices are subject to change
TEL 0796-92-2002
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