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Taiunji Temple

Come see the weeping cherry blossoms.
The Taiun-ji temple's shidare-zakura, weeping cherry blossom tree, is said to be about 250 years old and originally from the famous Tenryu-ji Temple in Kyoto. It is an important treasure to the local people and the prefecture, it is one of Hyogo prefecture's designated natural treasures. The tree is 13m(42.6ft) tall and has one of the thickest trunks of any shidare-zakura, weeping cherry blossom tree, in western Japan, measuring 5.25m (17.2ft) in diameter. The blossoms are also a deeper colored pink than most common shidare-zakura trees, which are usually white or pale pink. The tree blooms every year from mid or late April. (The time and duration that the blossoms bloom changes yearly depending on the weather and other conditions.)
Address 1388 Takeda , Shin-Onsen-cho, Mikata-gun, Hyogo
〒669-6831 兵庫県美方郡新温泉町竹田1388
Nearest station JR:Hamasaka station (浜坂駅)
Shin'onsen-Chomin Bus: Takeda (竹田)
Take Shin'onsen-Chomin Bus from JR Hamasaka Train Station and then transfer at Yumura Onsen to the bus going to Takeda.
TEL 0796-92-2000
HP http://www.yumura.gr.jp/modules/yumuraspot/index.php?tid=116
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