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Things to Do

Yumura Onsen Course

It is said that Jikaku Daishi, a famous Buddhist priest and philosopher, opened Yumura Onsen in 848. You can feel the history of the town that revolved around the natural hot springs. The springs still naturally emerge at a high temperature of 98℃. Take your time touring through Yumura Onsen, a part of the San'in Kaigan UNESCO Global Geopark. People coming on a day trip can still enjoy the town, soak your feet in the foot bath or relax in the hot spring bath houses.
Route map
Route directions and land marks
1) Yumura Onsen Zentan Bus Terminal
The starting and ending points are at the Yumura Onsen Zentan Bus Terminal located along National Highway No.9, the entrance to Yumura Onsen. After crossing the highway, up ahead a little ways, there is "Yakushido Temple" which enshrines Yakushi Nyorai (Jikaku Daishi) the said founder of Yumura Onsen. There is also a monument of Basho Matsuo.
2) Yumura pocket park
Walk a little more to the stone stairs and go down these stairs, on your right you will see Kabuyu (Yumura pocket park). This is a place of relaxation with "Yu Tokei" and one of the hot spring sources "Kabuyu". The statue of Jikaku Daishi that stands at the Yu Tokei, holds a staff and single-pronged vajra to ward off disasters. People are welcome to pray for safe travels by pouring water over the statue's feet.
3) Hot spring source "Arayu"
From the pocket park go left down the Haruki riverbank, you will arrive at another hot spring source "Arayu" where you can see steam from the springs rising up. This spring produces 470 liters of 98℃ spring water per minute, and is open to the public. Anyone is welcome to boil eggs or vegetables in the spring water here; you can purchase eggs from nearby souvenir shops and is a great hot spring experience. The footbaths are another popular spot.
4) Toujikan (Museum of chief sake brewer)
Go back to the stone stairs, cross the bridge and to the right there is Toujikan (Museum of chief sake brewer). Straight ahead 100m there is Obaa Cafe and Yumechiyokan Museum. Take a quick break at Obaa Cafe with some tea and tochi ohagi (Japanese sweet - soft, sweet rice cake ball). Yumechiokan is also a fun and educational history museum where you can see what life was like back in the Showa period (early 1900s).
5) Public bathhouse "Yakushiyu"
If you go to the back of Yumechiyokan Museum through the passage along the side of the building, there is the footbath "Aogiri no Yu". Across the Yumechio Bridge is "Yakushiyu", a public bathhouse that even day visitors can use.
6) Path with handprint reliefs (Fureai Tegata Sanpomichi)
From Yumechiyo Bridge go down to the river walkway, down the path is the path with handprint reliefs (Fureai Tegata Sanpomichi). Check out the handprints of various entertainers and cultural figures that have ties to Yumura. Continue down this way and you will come back to Arayu (hot spring source).
7) Shopping street
After passing through the pocket park and up the stairs, turn left at the first intersection to the shopping street with 63 spring sources, Nakamachi Dori.
8) Hachiman Shrine
Go under the bridge of National Highway No.9, follow the road along to the left and up the slope. At the end is Hachiman Shrine. On the shrine grounds is a five stone ring tower that is associated with the "ibo (wart) god" who cures warts.
9) Refresh Park Yumura (hot spring park)
Past the shrine to the far right is the hot spring park Refresh Park Yumura, with 8 health and outdoor baths surrounded by nature. If you're hungry you can try the select brand Tajima beef at the adjacent restaurant Kaede. At the end of your trip head back down the road to the ending point at Yumura Onsen Zentan Bus Terminal near by.
Yumura Onsen Zentan Bus Terminal > Yakushido Temple > Kabuyu (Yumura pocket park) > Arayu (hot spring source) > Toujikan (Museum of chief sake brewera brewer) > Yumechiyokan Museum > Yakushiyu (Public bathhouse) >Path with handprint reliefs (Fureai Tegata Sanpomichi) > Hachiman Shrine > Refresh Park Yumura > Yumura Onsen Zentan Bus Terminal
Route Category
In town
Type of Activity
★☆☆ Flat course(Elevation gain less than 100m)or less than 5km.
★★☆ Slightly undulating course(Elevation gain less than 500m)or less than 10km.
★★★ Rugged course(Elevation gain more than 500m)or 11km.
Distance About 1.5 km
Required Time Walking time of about 1 hour (times do not include time needed to view the facilites,)
Starting Point Yumura Onsen Zentan Bus office
Getting Here By Train / Bus: Take the Zentan Bus from JR Hamasaka Station or JR Yoka Station to Yumura Onsen bus stop.
By Car: The city's North parking lot, the city's East parking lot
Road Conditions Asphalt
Resting Place Public restroom: Yumechiyo restroom, Kabuyu (Yumura pocket park), Yakushiyu
Rest area: Yumura Onsen pocket park, Obaa Cafe
Shops: Arayu Center, Tochisen (geothermal cave)
Signpost Presence Yes
Guide Availability Available
Send guide request to: Yumura Onsen Tourism Association
Phone: 0796-92-2000
Fee/charge : JPY1,500/45min
Notes Tall boots are needed for the snowy season
Contact Contact: Yumura Onsen Tourism Association
Phone: 0796-92-2000
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