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Toyooka KABAN Artisan Avenue

A store that represents the bag town of Toyooka.
A collective store specializing in the sales of bags, wallets and material used for making bags and such. The Artisan sells original Toyooka branded products. Aritisan is located on “Kaban (bag) Street” in Toyooka City. You can also find a unique vending machine outside that sells small bags.
Address 18-10 Chuo-cho, Toyooka City, Hyogo
〒668-0033 兵庫県豊岡市中央町18-10
Nearest station JR:Toyooka station (豊岡駅)
Zentan bus:Yoidamachi(宵田町)
10 minute walk from JR Toyooka Station
Opening Hours 11:00-18:00
TEL 0796-22-1709 (Toyooka Machizukuri, Ltd.)
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