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Genbudo Park

Nature's Mystery.
View the spectacular rock face up close.
Genbudo Park is designated as a Natural Monument of Japan. It is the site of a lava flow from a volcanic eruption that happened 1.6 million years ago. When the lava cooled it formed hexagonal rock columns. There is a guide on site (Reservations may be at Toyooka Kanko Kyokai).
Address 1362 Akaishi Toyooka-city, Hyogo
〒668-0801 兵庫県豊岡市赤石1362
Nearest station JR:Toyooka station (豊岡駅) Kinosakionsen station (城崎温泉駅)
Zentan Bus(Tajimawaru): Genbudo Park (玄武洞公園) 
Admission Free
Genbudo Tour guide
300yen: 30min/pp
500yen: 60min/pp
TEL 0796-22-8111
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