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Baikamo Park

River's water blanketed in beautiful blossoms.
Baikamo flowers are small white flowers that bloom only in pristine waters at temperatures below 15°C (60°F). These flowers can be found blooming in the Takimi River in Shinonsen every year between May and August. Baikamo flowers suddenly appeared growing in large clusters here about 30 to 40 years ago, children who saw these flowers nicknamed them "goldfish grass". The flowers sway and shimmer in the crystal clear waters, looking like hundreds of little shinning stars, a beautiful scene popular among visitors.
Address Tochidani, Shin-Onsen-cho, Mikata-gun, Hyogo
〒669-6745 兵庫県美方郡新温泉町栃谷
Nearest station JR:Hamasaka station (浜坂駅)
Shin'onsen-Chomin Bus:Shichikama Onsenguchi(七釜温泉口)
About 6 minutes by taxi from JR hamasaka Station
50 minute walk from Hamasaka Station on the JR Sanin Main Line
Opening Hours 24 hours (There are no lights around at night)
Entrance Fee:Free
TEL 0796-82-4580
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