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Highland Course of a Shimmering Starry Forest and Pond

Forest & Pond, Kebi Oike Park at an altitude of 600 m where shinning stars fill the night sky. A park that has left nature untouched; here you can enjoy colorful scenery that changes with the seasons. Enjoy it from early evening to night with a starry night walk or take a walk to see the "Isaribi(fishing light)".

Route map
Route directions and land marks
1) Akebono Sansou
Start at "Akebono Sansou", turn left and go out to the wide road, follow the road for about 2 minutes and you will see Kebi Oike Pond. Enter the road around Kebi Oike Pond. Because the circumference around the water or Kebi Oike Pond is 1km, and the view of the mountain trees reflected on the pond on a clear day is superb. The road around the pond is maintained and you can enjoy black bass fishing and so on.
2) Promenade & observation deck
Walk for about 5 minutes along the road around the pond, enter the promenade on the left side, climb the promenade for about 10 minutes and you'll come to an observation deck where you can see the sea. Although it is hard to see with the overgrown trees, you can take a rest at the building.
3) Taiko Shimizu spring
Go down about 5 minutes from the observation deck to the prefectural road, then go another 5 minutes you will come across "Taiko Shimizu" spring, which is said to have been drunk by Toyotomi Hideyoshi army during the Inaba attack.
4) Observation point
From Taiko Shimizu spring, turn back and walk about 10 minutes on the prefectural road to reach the observation spot where the view is clear. If weather conditions are good you can see out over the Sea of Japan and can see the Hamasaka fishing lights at night.
5) Bungalow Village
Further down the road about 10 minutes, you will see a Northern Finland type "Bungalow Village" on the small hill opposite the pond. There is also a log house that sits surrounded by the fragrant forest, a relaxing Japanese-style cottage, and a lakeside auto camp site where you can relax and enjoy yourself in the summer.
6) End of course
Walk for 10 minutes along the promenade from the bungalow village, and out to the wide road, taking it back to where you started and the end of this course.
Akebono Sansou > Kebi Oike Pond > observation deck > Kebi Oike Pond > observation spot > Bungalow Village > Akebono Sansou
Route Category
Mountain, highland, & lakeside
Type of Activity
★☆☆ Flat course(Elevation gain less than 100m)or less than 5km.
★★☆ Slightly undulating course(Elevation gain less than 500m)or less than 10km.
★★★ Rugged course(Elevation gain more than 500m)or 11km.
Distance About 3km
Required Time Walking time of about 1 hour.
Starting Point Start / End point: Akebono Sansou
Getting Here By Train: JR Yoka Sta., Zentan Bus, get off at Kebiokashimo bus stop.
By Car: Akebono Sansou Parking Lot
Road Conditions Asphalt & dirt
Resting Place Public restroom: Akebono Sansou
Rest area: The observation deck where you can see the sea
Signpost Presence None
Guide Availability Available
Contact: Kami Town Walking Network Council Office
Phone: 0796-36-2467 (Kasumi B&G Ocean Center)
Fee: Free
Notes  -
Contact Contact: Akebono Sansou
Phone: 0796-95-1109
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