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A Course Through Serene Rural Landscape and a Rice Ball

Walk through the clear mountain air and rice fields that use water from the lush mountains to grow their rice. Start from the old Kyo-kaido road, you will enjoy local time while stopping by peaceful shrines and temples.

Route map
Recommended Spots of Interest
1) Ichinomiya Shrine
A shrine where a giant zelkova tree, estimated to be 500 years old, sits like a guardian deity. Keyaki no Mori (forest) is designated by Hyogo Prefecture as a natural monument.
2) Tenjin
A shrine dedicated to the god of learning, located overlooking the countryside and village.
3) Ninomiya Shrine
The precincts of Ninomiya Shrine are located at the castle ruins of Governor of Wakasa, the ancestor of the former Ishitsubo family. Also, there was supposedly a mountain castle behind the shrine.
4) Sarusuberi (crape myrtle tree) Flower road
A peaceful village with flowers that bloom smiles, that will have you feeling nostalgic about this place even on your first visit. You are invited to the place where city dwellers want to be.
5) Keihan Art "Okaeri (おかえり)"
Keihan is the ridge between rice fields. This art is made by cutting back weeds to create messages that appear on the slopes. They will make you feel as if you've come home.
6) Nakaya
Old private homes that have been made into a gathering place for the village. Here local traditions are handed down while eating and laughing around the traditional Japanese hearth.
7) Shingu Shrine
Inside the shrine's main hall is a picture of the Nachi Falls and in the maido (stage) is a chrysanthemum crest. It is a reminder of Emperor Murakami 1050 years ago.
Route Starting Point and Destination
Start: Takahashi Community Center
Destination: Ikoinomori
Type of Activity
★☆☆ Flat course(Elevation gain less than 100m)or less than 5km.
★★☆ Slightly undulating course(Elevation gain less than 500m)or less than 10km.
★★★ Rugged course(Elevation gain more than 500m)or 11km.
Distance About 5.6km
Required Time Walking time of about 3 hours.
Start & Destination Start: Takahashi Community Center
Destination: Ikoinomori
Getting Here By Car: Park at Kubata Parking Area
Road Conditions Asphalt & dirt
Signpost Presence None
Contact Contact: Tanto Silkroad Tourism Association
Phone: 0796-54-0500
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