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Exploration of History Through Muraoka Castle Town

Muraoka still retains the appearance from when it prospered as a castle town during the Edo period. You’re invited to a world of history, the Yamana clan’s place of encampment, room of a nobleman’s wife at  “Goten Yama Park”, moving scenes along the river of the old townscape and samurai residences from the past. 
Gotenyama Park
Gotenyama Park
Kurono Shrine
Kurono Shrine
Houn-ji Temple
Houn-ji Temple
Route map
Route directions and land marks
1) Muraoka Regional Bureau to Kurono Shrine
Start at “Muraoka Regional Bureau”, go along national highway No. 482 for about 3 minutes you’ll reach “Kurono Shrine”, established in the Heian era and deeply respected as a guardian god from the Edo period by the Yamana Clan. Here many articles from the Daimyo’s procession are preserved and a portrait of Shaka and sixteen Zenshin Buddhist deities, an important designated cultural property of the country. (Viewing requires advanced reservations TEL:0796-94-0432)
2) Tsubo Kei Gobyo (mausoleum)
From “Kurono Shrine” go to the senior citizens’ home and do a U-turn and proceed for about 5 minutes. Go up the small path on the left a little ways and you’ll come to “Tsubo Kei Gobyo (mausoleum)”. Here Noritoyo Yaman III the historical past lord of Muraoka is enshrined.
3) Gotenyama Park
Go back down the main road, at the large gate walk through and up a small pathway to Mt. Gotenyama. Continue for about 5 minutes you’ll see Ote-mon, encampment ruins, “Sakurayama Mausoleum” where Yoshinari Yamana XI is enshrined, stonewalls and more. From “Gotenyama Park” you can see the town and is a good spot to see the cherry blossoms.
4) Folk Museum “Mahoroba”
Go down the concrete road from “Gotenyama Park”, after about 5 minutes you’ll cross national highway No.9 arriving at the Giyofu style building (Japanese architecute mimicking western-style) folk museum “Mahoroba” once used as the town hall. Here you can see artifacts excavated from burial mounds in Muraoka.
5) Daiun-ji Temple
Take the side street next to the folk museum, proceed to the left. Walk down the street with several side streets branching off laid out like roads in an old castle town, after about 5 minutes you’ll come to a street with a mail post, turn left and you’ll reach “Daiun-ji Temple”.
6) Houn-ji Temple
Going from Daiun-ji Temple walk for about 3 minutes then turn left down a narrow side road before Tajima Bank (但馬銀行), on the left you’ll see “Houn-ji Temple” the Yamana clan’s family temple. At the Houn-ji Temple’s “Yamana Kura” hundreds of items such as wooden dinning ware from the shogun Hidetada Tokugawa, treasures and weapons of the Yamana house and more are on display. A little ways away, straight ahead from the temple is “Bukeyashiki (samurai residence)” on the right. You can see landscapes and townscapes from the past when the castle town prospered.
7) Muraoka Onsen
After a leisurely stroll go to the cafe “Mori-chan’s Kakurega (hideout)” for a rest and a cup of drip coffee. Turn left at the 3-way after the samurai residences, cross the bridge and turn left. After walking along the river for about 2 minutes, turn right and you’ll reach “Ganjyo-ji Temple”. Walk from Ganjyo-ji for about 5 minutes you’ll reach a large road where about 5 roads junction together. Turn left onto the 2 lane road (it has a sidewalk) and continue for about 5 minutes then you’ll see “Mori-chan’s Kakurega (森ちゃんの隠れ家)” on the right. At the three-way before the cafe if you turn left and go straight for about 3 minutes you’ll arrive at “Muraoka Onsen (村岡温泉)” hot springs. A great and spacious hot spring with rich waters perfect for relaxing after your walk. From the onsen go past the cafe and return to the 5 point intersection and keep going straight until you reach the goal.
Muraoka Regional Bureau > Kurono Shrine > Gotenyama Park > Folk Museum “Mahoroba” > Houn-ji Temple > Muraoka Regional Bureau
Route Category
In town
Type of Activity
★☆☆ Flat course(Elevation gain less than 100m)or less than 5km.
★★☆ Slightly undulating course(Elevation gain less than 500m)or less than 10km.
★★★ Rugged course(Elevation gain more than 500m)or 11km.
Distance About 3km
Required Time Walking time of about 1.5 hours.
Starting Point Start / End point: Muraoka Regional Bureau
Getting Here By Train & Bus: From JR Yoka Station take a Zentan Bus to Muraoka Regional Bureau(村岡地域局) bus stop and get off here.
By Car: Go to Kami Town Office Muraoka Regional Bureau
Road Conditions Asphalt, concrete, dirt
Resting Place Public restroom: Muraoka Regional Bureau, Gotenyama Park, Folk Museum “Mahoroba”
Rest area: Gotenyama Park, Folk Museum “Mahoroba”
Signpost Presence Not Present
Guide Availability Available
Contact: Kami Town Walking Network Council Office
Phone: 0796-36-2467 (Kasumi B&G Ocean Center)
Fee: Free
Contact Contact: Kami Town Office Muraoka Regional Bureau
Phone: 0796-94-0321
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