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Uduka History Course - Legend of the Rabbit Burial Mounds

The old legend of three rabbits and how they attributed to the name Uduka. From Mt. Hachimanyama where the Yamana clan had once set up camp, you can look over the once prosperous castle town of Fukuoka. Together, Hachiman-jinja Shrine and the burial mounds with their horizontal stone chamber create a distinctive feeling of an ancient time long ago.

Riverside burial mound
Riverside burial mound
Shimonakayama burial mound
Shimonakayama burial mound
Yaidani burial mound
Yaidani burial mound
Route map
Route directions and land marks
1) Uduka no Mori
Starting at "Uduka no Mori", follow the prefectural road to the left and turn left after the short bridge, you will begin climbing a slope.
2) Crossroads
Turn left at the crossroads and walk uphill for a while.
3) Boulder
Walk for about 5 minutes and you will come across a boulder where it is believed a Madara fox spirit once sat, and is said to be the birthplace of Wachi Village.
4) Anyouji Temple
Continue walking for another 5 minutes and you’ll see "Anyouji Temple" up to the right where the road curves slightly. Anyouji Temple is a temple of the Shingon Sect of Buddhism and the Amida Nyorai ("The Buddha of Immeasurable Light & Life") is its principal deity. Fudounotaki Waterfall and a weeping cherry tree welcome visitors.
On the grounds are the ruins of Nishi Dono's, from Kumano of Kii province in the era of Emperor Shomu, imperial court. Enshrined at the Inari Shrine near the entrance, are the Madara fox the led Nishi Dono to this place and Nishi Dono who is also known as the Inari Daimyo-jin God.
5) Riverside Rabbit Burial Mound
Walk for 20 minutes from "Anyouji Temple" along the side roads through the rice fields via "Moriwaki Shrine". Cross 2 bridges and then turn right and pass along the private house next to the first rabbit's burial mound, the "Riverside Rabbit Burial Mound". You can appreciate the "Rabbit Burial Mounds" more if you know their origin and legend.
The "Riverside Rabbit Burial Mound" is on the shore of the Ono River on the north side of Fukuoka Village, and lies between the back of the house and the river. When visiting, it is recommended that you speak to the manager, Mr./Mrs. Inoue (0796-96-0008), to pass through their private land beside their house.
6) Roadside Station Hachikita
Return to the original road, after walking for 5 minutes you will come upon to the old castle townscape, turn left at the crossroads and you will soon arrive at Roadside Station Hachikita. The station has a place to buy snacks and a café, we recommend getting the beef bowl or curry udon with Tajima beef. This is also a good place to rest.
7) Yaidani Rabbit Burial Mound
From the roadside station, climb national highway route No.9 to the side for about 20 minutes, you’ll see a large tree with winding branches and stones piled up like a stone chamber creating a mythical atmosphere. This is the "Yaidani Rabbit Burial Mound". The mound is on the mountain side near the entrance to "Tajima Tunnel" along Route No.9 at Yaidani Pass.
8) Hachimanyama Park
Return down the same road you came on back to the roadside station, continue on for about another 20 minutes to "Hachimanyama Park", turn left at the bridge over the river and climb the stone steps towards "Hachimanyama Park". At the park are four ancient tombs designated as a prefectural cultural property site and are a preservation, and there are works of sculptors from six countries placed in the vicinity.
9) Shimonakayama Rabbit Burial Mound
As soon as you get to the bottom of the other side of Hachimanyama Park you will come to the "Shimonakayama Rabbit Burial Mound". This mound is similar in shape to that of the Yaidani mound.
10) Course End
Turn left at the fork ahead of the Shimonakayama burial mound, and after 3 min. you’ll reach another fork with a two-lane road. Turn left here and walk for about 5 minutes. You will return close to where you started and the end of this course.
Uduka no Mori > Anyoji Temple > Roadside Station (Michi no Eki) Hachikita > Hachimanyama Park > Uduka no Mori
Route Category
Countryside / town
Type of Activity
★☆☆ Flat course(Elevation gain less than 100m)or less than 5km.
★★☆ Slightly undulating course(Elevation gain less than 500m)or less than 10km.
★★★ Rugged course(Elevation gain more than 500m)or 11km.
Distance About 7km
Required Time Walking time of about 2 hours.
Starting Point Start / End point: Uduka no Mori
Getting Here By Train: JR Yoka Sta., Zentan Bus Get off at Moriwakibashikami bus stop.
By Car: Uduka no Mori
Road Conditions Asphalt & dirt
Resting Place Public restroom: Uduka no Mori & Roadside Station Hachikita
Signpost Presence None
Guide Availability Available
Contact: Uduka no Mori
Phone: 0796-96-0024
Fee: 2,000 yen.
Notes When visiting the Riverside Rabbit Burial Mound you should contact Mr./Mrs. Inoue at 0796-96-0008. You will be passing through their private land. (Note, they may not be able to speak English)
Contact Contact: Uduka no Mori
Phone: 0796-96-0024
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