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Ueyama Highlands Course

Walk on a trail course through one Japan's 100 most secluded regions, the only region to be chosen in Hyogo Prefecure, Torokawa Valley in Mt. Torokawa and past its steadfast waterfall to Hachikitakogen. A wonderful walking course where you can enjoy the beauty of trees growing deep in the valleys, visit beech forests and Tajima's impressive nature.
Route map
Route directions and land marks
A great walking course through the highland's pasture in Japanese silver grass fields and Japanese beech forests. Be sure to bring a lunch and your camera on your walk.
1) Ueyama Highlands Mountain shelter parking lot
After leaving your car at the parking lot in front of Ueyama Highlands Mountain shelter, check the walking course on the signboard in front of the entrance to the shelter. The walking course begins to the left of the signboard and continues to the summit of Ueyama.
2) Handmade observation deck and Ueyama summit
As you walk along the paved walking path you will gradually gain altitude and arrive at the summit of Ueyama shortly. At the top you will find a handmade observation deck, please watch your footing as you step up. From here you will have a 360 degree view of the Japan Sea, Mt. Hyonosen, and the Tajima region and mountain range.
3) Paved road
There are several routes down from the mountain, but if you take the route that branches to the right of the summit marking post there will be a paved path with a small restroom.
4) View point from the highlands
Take the route to the right and after traveling through the pasture in Japanese silver grass fields for about 700 meters on the paved road you will reach a view point where you can see the Sea of Japan below. In the evening the setting sun in the west and the glimmer of the sea is an inspirational sight. If you stayed for the view take the path back and return to the parking lot on the paved road. Take a restroom break and rest on the bench at the rest area. (Short course ends here.)
5) Shoubu Pond
If you continue on the paved road you will see "Shoubu Pond" on your right. Lush trees surround the quiet body of water; here you can see dramatic scenes of all four seasons.
6) Kozukko mountain hut
As you continue on, you will see a display for the entrance to Kozukko on the left side. The approach for Mt. Oginosen begins from here. Walk a little up the path and you will come to "Kozukko mountain hut", the Japanese beech forest starts from around here. Climbing equipment is necessary to climb the upper part past here, so we will turn back at this point. Take the same road back and you will arrive back at the parking lot.
In early summer it is possible to enjoy hikes through residual snow, autumn views of the pasture in Japanese silver grass fields, and take in wonderful views of the Japanese beech trees autumn colors in late autumn.
If you are a vigorous climber it is possible to climb Mt. Ougino in a day. For now, lets head back and treat our stomachs to udon and zenzai at "Umigami Genki Village" near the sea in Umigami.
Parking lot in front of Ueyama Highlands Mountain shelter > Ueyama > Pasture in Japanese silver grass fields > View from the highlands > Parking lot in front of Ueyama Highlands shelter hut (>Shoubu Pond > Japanese Beech forest > Parking lot in front of Ueyama Highlands shelter hut
Short course: ★☆☆
Long course: ★★☆
Route Category
Type of Activity
★☆☆ Flat course(Elevation gain less than 100m)or less than 5km.
★★☆ Slightly undulating course(Elevation gain less than 500m)or less than 10km.
★★★ Rugged course(Elevation gain more than 500m)or 11km.
Distance About 6km (the short course is about 2km)
Required Time Walking time of about 3 hours (about 1 hour for the short course)
Starting Point Parking lot in front of Ueyama Highlands shelter hut
Getting Here You can get to the parking lot in front of Ueyama Highlands Mountain shelter by car
Road Conditions Asphalt
Resting Place Public restroom: Ueyama Highlands shelter hut
Rest area: Ueyama Highlands shelter hut
Shops: None
Before departure, prepare something to drink, you can purchase drinks from the shops around Hamasaka or Yumura Onsen.
Guide Availability Available
Send guide request to: Ueyama Highlands Eco Museum
Phone: 0796-99-4600
Fee/charge: Half-day JPY6,000 Ful-day JPY10,000
Notes The area at the base of the sea is closed during the snow season (reopens around the consecutive holidays in May, inquire for details)
Contact Contact: Ueyama Highlands Eco Museum
Phone: 0796-99-4600
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